Monday, April 29, 2013

In Death Series Reading Challenge: April 2013.

Interested in joining the Challenge? Anyone is welcome to join in at any time of the year at wherever in the series you currently are. See the sign up post HERE and join the fun!

Did you read any In Death series books this month?

I debated posting a link-up this month since once again I failed. I have Kindred In Death on my nightstand, but alas did not get to it at all. Besides.. just because I missed this month, doesn't mean you all didn't read an In Death book in April! So if you did, spill! Which one did you read and what did you think?

Link up any In Death posts you made this month here. If you made a post on your blog, whether it be a review or commentary, please grab the link to your post and link it up with Mr.Linky below so we can find each other's latest In Death posts easily. You can also just use the link to your goodreads or other virtual bookshelf as well.

Alas, none. I did consider re-reading Naked in Death at one point during the month, but really.. how many times does a girl really need to read the same story over and over again? Okay, you're right! Once more is never enough! :)


Do you have a favorite book in the series?

My favorites are Naked in Death (#1), Survivor in Death (#20), Innocent in Death (#24), Promises in Death (#28). I have to admit I have a little trouble remembering details from the earliest books, so there is that.

Don't forget to link up any In Death posts you made this month!


  1. I've been reading and re reading a lot this month, if memory serves there were at least two In Death stories in there, Salvation and the first short story (Eve's second trip to Olympus)

    You listed some of my favorites, but I would definitely included Salvation, Loyalty and Witness to them.

  2. azteclady, I went back to my goodreads shelf and checked out the other In Death books to which I gave 5 stars. They are Witness, Innocent, Judgment, Conspiracy and Portrait . Well then. LOL.

  3. Oh I already listed Innocent in my post. That got mentioned double then.

  4. I actually read one!!! Read New York to Dallas. Only a couple more then I am all caught up :)

    Looks like I gave 5 stars to Promises, Naked, Betrayal, Loyalty, Rapture, and Immortal.


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