Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time's Up! 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

A little over 1001 days ago I started a little quest to complete 101 things on my to-do or wish list in 1001 days. This was inspired by The Day Zero Project--a project concept started by a New Zealand blogger in 2003 to challenge and encourage people to set and achieve 101 personal goals within 1001 days.

I set out with my list of 101 things on May 7, 2010. February 1, 2013 was 1001 days later. I didn't complete all 101 tasks on my list. In fact, I only finished 26 of them and 8 of them are still work in progress. Only about 30% of the tasks were completed or attempted.

My original post is HERE.  I made two updates to my list ... one that was super thrilling for me at the time right HERE and another one HERE involving composting a SunChips bag.

Below is my list of 101 Things. 
The things highlighted in ORANGE are the ones I've completed. 
The things highlighted in BLUE are still in progress. 
The things highlighted in PINK are the ones for which I've made comparable substitutions. A bit of a cheat, I know. 

Friday, May 7, 2010 was Day 1.

Friday, February 1, 2013 was Day 1001.

health & fitness 
1. Lose 10 lbs. 
2. Lose 10 more lbs. 
3. Lose 10 more lbs. 
4. Lose 10 more lbs. 
5. Lose those last 5 lbs.  Grrrrr! *mad face*
6. Participate in a triathlon Sept. 11, 2011 Finished in 1:28:44 
7. Conquer my cycling loop through the reservation, climbing all the hills without stopping 
8. Run a 5K race in 33 minutes or less. Feb. 27, 2011 Ran a 5K Race in 30:44:02. 
                                                            Oct. 1, 2011 Ran a 5K Race in 30:02 
                                                             All 5Ks under 31 minutes now.. :) 
9. Run 500 miles : Ran 530.79 miles! 
10. Bike 1000 miles : I BIKED 2881.83 MILES! 
11. Hike the Sierra trail in the Reservation. 
12. Learn how to cross country ski But I went SNOWSHOEING! :) 
13. Find a yoga class or video that I really love 
14. Go running in Liberty State Park : 5K Race on October 16, 2011

just for me 
15. Find the perfect bra 
16. Find the perfect pair of jeans 
17. Find the perfect little black dress : not yet... but I found a pretty hot purple one! ;) 
18. Treat myself to a new wardrobe 
19. Find a flattering bathing suit 
20. Treat myself to a spa day 
21. Start writing my memoir : I attended a local memoir workshop.

22. Have at least one date night with my husband every month Not quite... 
23. Establish a monthly family game or movie night PFFFT! What was I thinking???? 
24. Make a family tree : .. work in progress using Ancestry App on the ipad 
25. Enforce a chore schedule for my daughters :   Sort of. They still do very little :/

26. Go camping 
27. Go to the MOMA 
28. Take a trip to Acadia National Park in ME 
29. Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 
30. Get everyone's passports updated : Summer 2010 
31. Travel somewhere off the continent : Family vacation to Europe Aug. 2011
                                                                    Iceland UK July-Aug 2012 
32. Explore Central Park north of the Great Lawn 
33. Visit SoCal for a weekend

34. Organize our digital photos 
35. Use iPhoto (instead of desktop folders) : Did this for a while but folders are pretty convenient. 
36. Figure out how to use Home Sharing in iTunes [well, I kinda get it now.. doesn't really work when users have separate computers?]
37. Make my own time lapse photography video 
38. Photograph a hummingbird in the yard 
39. Complete a 365 Photography Project : ALMOST! I missed a few days in 2012 so I'm trying to make it to Nov. 11 2013 without a miss.

books & games 
40. Learn how to play chess : But I keep forgetting ... 
41. Learn how to play Majong 
42. Get a ping pong table :) 
43. Graduate from Medium to Hard on RockBand Band. :) : I did it.. but prob lapsed back to Medium since we rarely play anymore.
44. Read the last Harry Potter book 
45. Read all of the currently published In Death books by J.D. Robb : ACK! Still going.. 10 books left?

arts & crafts 
46. Learn how to knit 
47. Knit a hat or scarf 
48. Finish the kitchen cross stitch sampler I started ages ago 
49. Finish the love cross stitch project I started ages ago 
50. Frame the moongate print from Bermuda 
51. Stitch a personalized sampler for youngest daughter 
52. Do some craft project with all those seashells I keep collecting 
53. Do some craft project with all those pinecones I keep collecting 
54. Complete a mosaic project 
55. Get sewing machine fixed 
56. Sew something : Powerpuff girl costumes for Halloween '10 
57. Complete a block printing project 
58. Make a travel scrapbook album 
59. Make homemade candles 
60. Complete a wire working project 
61. Make some botanical rubbings 
62. Create my own unique header graphic for my blog

in the garden 
63. Re-establish my herb garden 
64. Re-establish my vegetable garden : Sort of .. but I don't like the spot so I'm redoing it in 2013 
65. Re-establish my perennial garden 
66. Plant 100 tulip and daffodil bulbs 
67. Plant raspberry bushes 
68. Landscape the side yard 
69. Landscape the other side yard 
70. Plant at least one fragrant rose bush 
71. Plant peonies 
72. Plant the rhubarb in a permanent spot : Spring 2012 
73. Plant a fruit tree 
74. Press flowers and make something artsy with them 
75. Put one of those new biodegradable SunChips bags in the compost pile and see how long it takes to decompose : It worked! It's gone. :)
76. Grow LOTS of basil and make LOTS of pesto to last the whole winter 
77. Grow alpine strawberry plants from seed 
78. Attract hummingbirds to the yard with feeder and flowers

in the kitchen 
79. Make homemade vanilla extract 
80. Make my own yogurt 
81. Make lemon curd from scratch : Lime curd May 2012 
82. Make homemade gnocchi 
83. Tap the maple trees in the yard and make homemade maple syrup 
84. Create 12 unique ice cream recipes {seasonal flavor of the month} 
85. Buy a new canning set for processing homemade jams 
86. Make several varieties of homemade jams & jellies for Christmas gifts 
87. Bake homemade bread from scratch : Does pizza dough count?

in the home 
88. Design spare bedroom to be a study & craft room 
89. Get backyard fence put up 
90. Design and install storage system for the master closet 
91. Organize the garage {hello bike rack}
92. Clear out, fix up and sell father-in-law's vacant condo 
93. Create a gallery of family photos on one wall in the house 
94. Refinish the bureau in the girls' bathroom 
95. Organize eldest daughter's closet 
96. Organize youngest daughter's closet 
97. Install new weather proofing on front door or a new front door! 
98. Buy a new slipcover for the sofa... or buy a new sofa! : Slipcover July 2012. But I'm not loving it.

99. Use the good china just because 
100. Host a cocktail party 
101. File next year's tax return by March 1 Hahahaha!!! SO FUNNY!

If I ever make a list like this again, it will be a shorter list within a shorter time frame. I think it's too easy to lose sight of your goals when the time frame is so long.

Maybe a list of 50 things to do before I turn 50... ?

Have you ever made a list of long term goals like this? How did you do?

Is there any particular item(s) on my list that you'd like to do for yourself? 

Any item(s) you'd like to hear about me finally doing? 


  1. Wow! I must say I'm impressed with you even coming up with 101 things to begin with! I really want to learn to knit. As a child I used to crochet with my grandmother and frankly I don't know the difference between knitting and crocheting, but I remember how much I loved it as a child. I once found the perfect bra for me and they stopped making them. When you find it, buy some extras to pack away for the future. LOL

    Love the idea of 50 things before 50. And use that good china!

  2. I'm in awe of you as usual!!

    I think 50 things before 50 could be pretty nifty!!

    I don't know what i would put on my list, probably stuff like baking a perfect souffle or something like that

  3. This is a seriously ambitious list! I can imagine it would be hard to keep up with so many, too. 50 might be more manageable. Still, I like the idea of having a "due date" as otherwise it's easy to keep putting things off.

    I really want to learn how to knit, too. I recently received a a bunch of different needles and a LOT of yarn from husband's grandmother who is selling her house and cleaning out. Now I just need to put them to good use! :)

  4. samantha [cycles] I remember the list of 75 things coming pretty easily and then taking several days to come up with some more things. I don't really know much about either knitting or crocheting, either.. All I know is knitting uses two larger needles and crocheting uses one smaller needle. Good advice regarding the bra! I have a friend who used to work for both Victoria's Secret--I should ask her to measure me properly!

    AlexNah.. don't be in awe of me! I don't really do much.. I workout, I read, I cook and I take care of my family. Note that NONE of my home improvement tasks got done? (Buying a slipcover doesn't count. lol) And some of those simply require HIRING someone else to do them! Doh!

    Mastering the perfect soufflé sounds like a wonderful goal! Do it by the end of 2013!

    Too Fond It IS a seriously ambitious list. One I often lost sight of, truthfully. But I am a list maker and one who thrives under deadlines, so I will be doing something similar another time. I turn 45 later this year.. maybe that's when I'll come up with my Nifty 50 list. Five years to do 50 things before I'm 50. ;)

    How nice that you have knitting needles and yarn from your husband's grandmother?! Oh yes.. you MUST learn how to knit now. She would be thrilled, I'm sure.

  5. You've accomplished a lot! You might try SOMA for your bra needs. I took Daughter there to be fitted last year. Like you all my home improvement projects are sitting on a list waiting to be tackled. I just can't do it all alone and the family seems fine to let the house go..... Grrr. Knitting requires two needles and crocheting uses a hooked needle. That's all I know. *g* I would love to learn both of those, too. (As for your extract and yogurt making, have you read the blog Chickens in the Road?)
    Can't wait to see what you accomplish next! (I have every faith that you WILL do whatever you set your mind to.)

  6. Great job! Even attempting to tackle most of those things is commendable. I've got a list of 41 things to do before I turn 40 (3 years!). Most involve travel which now looks less likely to happen in the next 3 years.

  7. Love this post! I'm BIG on creating a to-do list with short/long term goals. Some travel, or challenging myself to explore my local geography. Taking a class, personal stuff too. I usually have about 5 things on the list, no pressure to cross off everything but it carries forward to the next year.

    keep going!

  8. Brandy thanks for the tip about SOMA. I never heard of them before and it turns out there's a shop about 30 minutes away. I will check them out!

    I'm the only only tackling home improvement projects, too. My husband would assist if I asked, but I feel I'm the one who needs to get the ball rolling. Or hire someone. It's a lot of pressure sometimes!

    We need to form a knitting group! ha! :)

    I am searching for Chickens in the Road NEXT!

    Thanks for your steadfast confidence and support! xo

    Linda Thanks! I think I've seen your list of 41 things in the past. I will have to review it and give you some encouragement. Travel is a tough one to MAKE happen. Lots of other things can set that back.. like jobs and money for one!

    mpartyka Hey, thanks, Mari! So we have even more in common--LIST MAKING! :)
    I intend to still get to a lot of the things on this list.. although filing taxes before March 1? Who am I kidding?

  9. Christine, you really are amazing! You sure have accomplished a lot. Funny how our kids and chores are the same. I keep saying I'll make em do more but it doesn't happen. I must told my hubby today I meed to make lemon and lime curd because all the citrus is falling all over the floor in the yard. My sis in law says it'll keep in the freezer for 6 mos.

    I don't make lists, as soon as it starts to feel remotely like something I have to do, I'm done :)

    On the reading front I've been kinda quiet. I'm reading First Grave On The Right by Darynda Jones. It's pretty good.

    Take care :)


  10. Aw, thanks, Paula. Most days I don't feel very amazing, but when I look at a list like this, it does make me feel better about myslelf. :)

    I can't believe you have lemons and limes just falling all over the ground in your hard! Lemons are like gold around here as far as I'm concerned. And I just LOVE having them in my kitchen!

    I am intending to read First Grave on the Right, too! I won it in December and I've heard such positive feedback!

    Hugs! :)

  11. I play majong on my phone every night to go to sleep. There are a ton of apps, but the one I like best is MJ Elements by FDG Entertainment.

  12. Lisa Are you playing the full game of mahjong or is it mahjong solitaire? They're different. Mahjong is typically played with four players and is similar to what we call rummy in the US. Maybe a little more complicated than our rummy.. or not. Maybe it's just inhibition of the unknown making me think it's harder to play. In any case, I will look for the version you like to play best!

  13. Ok, pretty sure you need to do 99 this weekend! That would be an easy one--and then make the kiddos do the dishes. ;)

    This is all evidence that time goes too quickly, huh? Organize digital photos is something I'd love to do but know it'll NEVER get done.

  14. I really enjoyed reading through this list! Wow, a full 100 things to do :) I want to congratulate you with the successes you've had in fitness. A triathlon, I can only dream of that (first Insanity, then Couch to 5k). And you're doing well with your weight loss. From the photos you've posted, I don't get the impression that you need to lose much more? :)

    Aww, why not more date nights? Schedules clashing? As for getting your girls not doing enough chores, two of my co-workers sent off their kids off to uni and to student accommodation a year and two years ago and while they depended heavily on mom cleaning house while still living at home, they both turned out independent grown-ups with clean student rooms and clothes ;-) Don't give up hope!

    Knitting is really easy, and a scarf is a perfect project to start out with :D

    Good luck achieving more of your list!

  15. Trish Ha! I had to look what 99 was. I really should! I'll be sure to snap a photo when I do. Would you believe I don't own a nice tablecloth or even a nice runner for my dining room table?! I think I need one. Or pretty placemats. SOMETHING!

    And ha-ha-ha about making the kids do the dishes! My 17 year old is good about helping out with stuff when I ask, even though she doesn't have a whole lot of regular chores. She'll do the dishwasher and pots when I have something special-big going on over the weekend or if I'm sick. My 13 year old's job is to set the table for dinner and feed the cats in the evening. She does both very grudgingly. I'm at a loss as to how to get her to help out around the house without it being a fight every time. It's so frustrating.

    As for organizing the digital photos.. I only mean to have them sorted into folders on whatever external drive they're stored on. Nothing more! lol!

    Tze-Wen aw, thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading my list of things I never got around to. LOL!

    I appreciate the congrats on the fitness stuff. I have to say that when I reviewed these 101 items recently and noted the things that I DID accomplish.. I was pleased as health and fitness have become priorities in the last several years.

    While I'm quite pleased with my accomplishment doing a sprint triathlon (and last year's gran fondo) and will certainly take any ego boosting praise sent my way, keep in mind that it's a SPRINT tri so the distances are all very modest at 0.5K swim - 20k bike - 5k run. Not too crazy. :)

    I want to lose 9-11 kg more. I carry or should I say 'hide' it well and I am in very decent cardiovascular shape for my weight, but I know where a healthier weight is for me.. and that ought to do it. It might turn out to be fewer than that because I do have a muscular frame.

    I have to say the dates with my husband have already shown signs of improvement in the last month! The biggest factor in lack of dates over the years was because we didn't have any family to help us out watching our girls when they were little and then when they got old enough to leave them home alone for a few hours, we had taken in my elderly father-in-law to our home and one of us needed to always be home to care for him as he couldn't be left alone. SO date nights were usually a streaming a movie at home. Which is nice.. but not quite the dates I came to miss, you know?

    That's good news about your friends' kids turning out ok considering they didn't do much cleaning at home! Ha! I have to say my girls are pretty good about keeping their own bedrooms tidy. That's about it, though!


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