Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost a Post? I might have it. Sort of.

According to Blogger on Twitter, and also as stated on Blogger Buzz, Blogger service was down for some time and in order to remedy the situation, all posts and comments made from 7:37 am PT on Wednesday May 11 through sometime yesterday had to be deleted. According to Blogger buzz, the removal of those posts is temporary and they have started restoring those posts. I trust that they'll follow through.

Interestingly, many posts from the blogspot blogs I follow made it into my RSS feeds and so I am able to read those posts even though they're gone from the blogs. So if you lost a post due to this service problem and you want to repost it, and are too impatient to see if Blogger will indeed restore it to you, I might be able to help you. Of course I can only help you if I subscribe to your blog by RSS feeds, which you'll only know if you ask me! Drop me an email and I'll copy your lost post from my feeds and email it to you. You'll have to reformat it for posting, but at least you can get your clever words back.

krauscakes [at] verizon [dot] net

Or you can email me at my other personal email address if you have it.

Or text me if your among the elite. Haha! ;)


  1. that's what I've been doing for fellow bloogers as well. UGH!

  2. I was so frustrated with blogger! But, I went ahead and tried to be witty (Failed miserably again. Oh, well) with my new post. Thanks for the offer, but if the old post shows up, well, I'm not sure anyone would care. *g*

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Hey! I'm not among the elite! Boo! Hahaha.

    This is very nice of you to do. :)

    I thought about posting something, but I don't think you can send me the txt from my brain. >_<

    If I seem's because work is frying me right now.

  4. Thank you my dear! I read your email after I reposted. Good to know!

    I can't wait to see you in a week and a half!!

    Let's email our numbers and get a time and place for meet up!


  5. It sounds like Blogger straightened things out and everyone got their posts back, after all. That's good. :)

    little_alys, LOL! No, I don't think technology yet permits us to text each other from our brains. ;)

    I believe at one point you were among the elite, my dear. A couple of years ago when we met up in NYC with Kate? I'm pretty sure we had each other's cell numbers?

  6. YIKES! My post was made last night, but it seems to be up...I think I just snuck in!

  7. orannia, I think the lost post fiasco is over already, so you should be safe! :)

  8. Oh! Blogger has been so messed up :( it sucks. And I was away so I couldn't even fix it quickly :(

  9. Lol, I thought I was too! But I guess not. *pout*


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