Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Punch List

According to Wikipedia: (
The Punch List: A list of tasks or "to-do" items. In U.S. construction industry, a "punchlist" is the name of a contract document used in the architecture and building trades in the United States to organize the completion of a construction project.

According to me:
The Punch List: The list of final tasks that is taking the contractor forever to finish, resulting in me wanting to punch someone something very, very, very badly.

The good news, though, is that after six months of living in a one bedroom apartment with a family of five humans and four cats, we finally moved back home on Memorial Day (May 25, 2009)! Yay!!!

That was over three weeks ago, and the very next day I wanted to make a celebratory post here on my blog to let you all know, but clearly I never got around to it. You have all have been great at showing support, encouragement and interest throughout this project and I know some of you have been waiting for a progress report from me for a while, so I'm sorry for keeping you in suspense for so long. Considering the fact that our house was emptied of everything except the refrigerator, piano, and an armoire for the last several months, moving back in has been a huge project in itself. All the cleaning, moving furniture, unpacking, arranging and rearranging of stuff, assembling furniture (I love IKEA!), not to mention all the regular stuff of running a household, plus the busy end of the school year stuff with the girls like dance recitals, field trips, girl scout camping, an award dinner (My oldest daughter's Cadette Girl Scout troop that I co-lead with a friend-- completed a huge service project they've been working on for two years and consequently earned their Silver Award in May!), has been keeping me extremely busy. Needless to say I haven't been spending time online. I have been reading, though, and actually owe a couple of ARC reviews I promised to authors and publishers, and I feel so badly that I'm late with them. Plus I have no idea what you guys have been up to--reading or writing or whatever. I'm just so happy to be home in my almost, practically, but not quite, finished home. Would you believe the work still isn't finished? Any day now...

It's been nine months this week since we broke ground on our home addition and renovation, and despite the original projection of 6-7 months, work is still in progress. For a while it seemed as though it was never going to end, but at least now there is maybe one more day worth of work on the inside and a day or two of work on the outside. Almost all of the delays on this project can be contributed to electrician issues and as of last Friday, all the electrical work was finally finished. If we fail final electrical inspection on something and that blasted electrician has to come back, I will be absolutely--- I don't even have the angry word to describe how I'll feel. Let's just say it won't be pretty. But the important thing is that we're home at last. What a relief! I'm loving the new spaces and the old spaces and it's absolutely wonderful to be home. Now to finally finish unpacking so I can get outside and do some gardening.

Pictures to come. 


  1. ((((Christine)))))

    It is SO awesome to see your note. :)

    Congratulations on being back in your home, and I know all of us will look forward to pictures when they are posted.

    I so hope the dreaded contractors are out completely soon but I'm sure your house looks awesome.

    Take Care

  2. There you are!!!! ((((Christine))))

    Do not worry about us, we can keep the party going while you finish tidying up...

    *extra hugs for everyone*

  3. (((Christine)))

    It's so nice to see you back online and with such good news! (Yes, I know there is still some work to be done, but I'm thrilled you've been able to move back in!)

    Fingers crossed that what is left to be done is done promptly and you can enjoy your summer :)

  4. Yay! So happy you are finally home! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  5. Welcome back to the blogosphere and like the others I'm so glad to read you're finally home! I hope you're enjoying it and life can return to normal once again. Can't wait to see pictures.

  6. I'm sooo glad for you!! Yay!

  7. Welcome back and glad things are getting somewhat better - at least you are back in your home. I think I realized that one should add at least 3 months to the last date they quote!!

  8. Aw Christine that's wonderful! I know it' frustrating that the contractor is messing with those last minute details but YOU'RE HOME! That must feel absolutely wonderful!

    Congratulations, my friend.

  9. I so feel with you right now Christine!! I hope all is working out well and that you soon can sit back and relax with a margarita!

  10. Hey there, sweetie. I'm sorry I'm late in commenting, but I am SO happy for you, that you're all back in your home. I cannot imagine (though you've told me plenty) the stress this put you all through. I think what's most admirable to me is that you have maintained such a level of dignity through it all. YES, even when you raved about the toilet issue *g*. I might have gone Jerry Springer on someone lol.

    I've so missed you online and all. I'm glad you'll be getting back to your gardening and what makes you happy. Sometimes we just don't realize how integral our homes are to that happiness. I know you treasure your home. SO happy for you!!

  11. I'm really late to comment on this post but it so deserves a comment so here it is. :)

    I'm so happy you're finally back in your home! That's just awesome and you all probably felt totally giddy when you moved back in after all the months in the cramped apartment. The electrician's done plus two, three more days and then everything will be done... but hey, since I'm so late maybe it's already done!

    Either way, enjoy your home! You really deserve it. :D

    Hugs, Taja


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