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How my votes matched the AAR 2008 Reader Poll Results

I was inspired by Rosario at Rosario's Reading Journal to post how my votes matched up to the results of the AAR Reader Poll that took place earlier this year. I'm sure those of you who voted in the AAR 2008 Annual Reader Poll have already checked out the results. If not, you can find them here. Its a fun way to check out which books are most popular (or unpopular) in different romance categories. I do take this poll lightly, though, because I'm not terribly confident in the scientific methods used to collect the data. But then again, since seven of my votes actually contributed to some wins, there's got to be some validity to it all! ;o) 

Here are the seven categories for which my votes counted toward a win:

1. Strongest Heroine: Eve Dallas, Creation In Death, by JD Robb

The funny thing about this vote is that I have only read the first three books in this series (A fabulous gift from my dear friends Samantha and Denise! Thank you! ) and just this winter, too! LOL But I knew right away that Eve is the strongest heroine I've read and that her character would grow throughout the umpteen books ahead of me, but deep down she'll always be strong woman she is... that would never change. So I voted for her! And she won! :) 

2. Best Cabin or Road Romance: Driven by Eve Kenin

3. Best SF/Futuristic Romance: Driven by Eve Kenin and Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair. 

I voted for Driven... haven't yet read Linnea's work yet. But I will! :) ... and I already predict that Grimspace by Ann Aguirre will win this category for 2008. ;)

4. Best Romance Short Story: "Beat of Temptation" by Nalini Singh, Enchanted Seasons

5. Romance Author You Gave Up On in 2007: Sherrilyn Kenyon

I will read and buy her books up until Ash's book this August. After that, I'm not so sure I'll continue with her Dark Hunter series. The Dream Hunter and Once Upon a Midnight Clear were so hugely disappointing for me. Especially the latter.  And I have Dream Chaser on my shelf, but am too scared to read it.  Anyone read it yet? 

6. Least Believable HEA in a 2007 Romance: Vishous & Jane, Lover Unbound, J.R. Ward. 

I mean, really... that HEA was bad. I think this category was invented *just* so there would be a category for Lover Unbound. Seriously. 

7. Purplest Prose: Gideon by Jacquelyn Frank. 

Thank goodness Elijah had a better plot, better sexual tension, more sex, a couple of good fight scenes and some decent suspense. Otherwise I might have given up on the Nightwalkers altogether. I will probably read the next two books, Damien (just because I think he's the most powerful character of this series) and Noah (because I've wanted to see him with an HEA since the first book.). But after those two books, Frank will have to come up with something powerful to move me to read more of her work. 

Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas, which I really loved, won for Best Chick Lit /Women's Fiction. I actually voted Sugar Daddy for best Contemporary Romance. This is a perfect example of why I take this poll with a grain of salt. What exactly is the difference between these two categories? Perhaps some reader votes were categorized and then not counted because of similar misinterpretations between categories. 

Two authors I would have loved seeing placed in this poll are Meljean Brook and C.L. Wilson. 

I mean.... Lilith people! How could Lilith not have gotten an award? LILITH! Sheesh. Well, I'm going to give her an honorary award. 

*insert drum roll here* 

Most KickAss and Entertaining Heroine: 
Lilith Milton, Demon Angel, Meljean Brook  

One more thing. If His Kiss Is Wicked by Jo Goodman won for Best Romance for 2007 and Best Buried Treasure for 2007. So for those of you who have read it... what am I missing?


  1. Am I the only one who doesn't like Jo Goodman?
    I totally agree that Meljean was robbed!! Robbed I say.
    But JR Ward and JD Robb ruled these polls and I must say I tend to agree.
    Plus, Anna Campbell being best new author. Kudos to her :)

  2. I loved If His Kiss Is Wicked. Totally for the dialog, which I thought was witty and interesting and funny. I thought the hero was unusual. Not your run of the mill Regency Rake.

    But it was the dialog that got me. And I hate Jo Goodman books. But I loved this one.

  3. LOL! Thank you, thank you :-D

    I also loved IHKIW by Goodman ... but I'm also a fan of her work. I agree with MaryKate -- just amazing, wonderful dialogue.

  4. LOL, I'd definitely vote in your new category!

  5. Okay I haven't read Jo Goodman but might check this one out. Never been a fan but hey if the dialog was good then go for it.
    Excited to see Lisa K won I thought her branch out of historicals was great! Love JD Robb don't care what anyone says. And I hope Lara Adrian makes it on the list next year wouldn't that be a kick

  6. Hiya...ok...I am so behind. If His Kiss Is Wicked??? Did I ever see that in the stores. Best Romance??? I think not, but who am I anyway.

    I totally agree with #6. You and I have had discussions about this and I could NOT stand the HEA on Lover Unbound. It totally took the joy out of it for me, for real.

  7. Sarai:: I might be reading too much into your response, forgive me if I am, but you might be confusing two authors in the AAR Poll: J.D. Robb and J.R. Ward? I think readers consistently love J.D. Robb's

    It's J.R. Ward's last book, Lover Unbound that kind of sent a lot of her fans in an upheaval. So Lover Unbound was placed for Most Disappointing Read, Least Believable HEA, and Biggest Wallbanger or "I Tried, I Really Did"work. Her previous 2007 novel, Lover Revealed also placed for most annoying heroine. But J.R. Ward also won Author Most Glommed and Most Tortured Hero. Obviously 2007 was a controversial year for Ward. We'll see how she does in 2008. Lover Enshrined comes out in June.

  8. Oh! I forgot, J.R. Ward also won Best Series/Category Romance with The Billionaire Next Door written as Jessica Bird. :) I left this category blank when I voted... I guess at the time I forgot that I read this in 2007 and really did like it. Oops.

  9. Meljean rules the school in kick ass characters, flawed heroines you love, and angel/guardians you want to...hug...Heh.

  10. Hmmm- I thought I already commented - guess not. Anyway - I'm a real fan of If His Kiss is Wicked. It was my choice for a number of categories - including best romance.

  11. I have to agree with you on the first two Dream-Hunter novels. I found them disappointing. But you should check out Dream Chaser, so much better than the first two. Both in story and hero. :)

    I loved Lover Unbound right up until the HEA. What a let down.

    Meljean Brook totally rocks! But we all knew that. :D

  12. But Christine why isn't Jane from LU your fhavorite hherione? Jhane is able to be all ghhostly and whalk through whalls.

    Fun with "H"

  13. No I meant JD Robb hubby thinks it is a knock off and my mom and friends give me crap that I am reading a series that has so many books in it.
    (Reason: I swore I would never read Nora Roberts b/c she put out so many books they had to be all the same, then I picked up JD Robb and didn't realize it was her so now I read anything Nora Roberts (love some hate some) and anything JD Robb and my family gives me drama over it!) I don't care for JR Ward *ducks* never have. Sorry about confusion

  14. OMG. Today in the mail I received a package of books from Sula and a mystery package. My Effing Little Pony Rhainbow arrived!!! Woot. Her stall is almost ready....

    LMAO. Good thing she survived the trip.

  15. Totally agree the Meljean and C.L. need to be in there - I mean, what were they thinking? LOL Great job on the honorary award - Lilith Rocks!!

    IHKIW?? Never read it, but then there are so many I haven't read! :)

    You should def. read Dream Chaser. It's was more of a Dark-Hunter book to me than a Dream-Hunter book - which I haven't cared for either.

  16. I agree with the Sherrilyn Kenyon results. I have actually been unhappy with the books since Seize the Night. I loved all of them up to and including Seize the Night. I did read Dream Chaser. It was better than the last, but the only reason I think I feel that way is it's set in New Orleans and Ash has a small part in it. Otherwise...nah!

    I do love her historicals, though!

  17. I love this post. I read it the other day and meant to comment. I totally agree with the Meljean Brook thing. What is happening there? Also, did you ever see that, I think it was around Thanksgiving, that open letter to Nora Roberts thanking her for Eve Dallas? It was this touching letter from this woman who survived similar abuse, and she was telling how Eve Dallas had literally saved her life. It was on Dear Author. It blew my mind, and showed how great a character Eve Dallas is.

  18. I'm in the same boat with SK, after Ash's book I'm not so sure if I'm going to continue the series...great list.

  19. Hey, did you enter the march madness yet???

  20. I just popped by and wanted to say great blog! It makes me wish I had more time to read. I'm so far behind....

  21. Hi, Christine!

    I didn't like Gideon much, Jacob was a lot better and I still don't know what to think about Lover Unbound!

    Anyway, thanks! Magic Bites is also really good and I'd love to hear what you thought about it once you read it. :)


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