Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Favorite Books of 2007

This is a list of my favorite books that were released in 2007. It does not include books I read in 2007 that were released in 2006 or earlier.  I say this because I read a lot of "older" books in 2007, as I am fairly new to the romance genre and I had a lot of catching up to do! 

I started reading romance about 15 months ago, and became terribly addicted to paranormal romance, so you'll see that all of my picks come from that genre, save for one contemporary. Unfortunately, I have about 75 books that I bought in 2007 that sit on my TBR shelf unread. I wish I had gotten to them before the year ended, as they will forever be out of the race for my top reads of 2007.  Oh well.  C'est la vie.

Please feel free to agree or disagree with my choices, and say so, too!  I'm curious to know what books were at the top of your 2007 reads.   Maybe there is a spectacular author that I need to check out! :)

1. Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson.
C.L. Wilson has a beautiful story telling voice and an eloquent writing style that pulls you into this magical world. Lord of the Fading Lands  is an amazing mix of a dark, epic adventure and a fairy tale romance.    Not classic HEA in nature, this fantasy  love story is full of magic and suspense.  I'm sure the sequel, Lady of Light and Shadows would have made this list as well, if I had finished reading it in 2007.  Holidays got in the way of this one... :( 

2. Demon Angel by Meljean Brook.
Meljean has an incredible talent for world building and character development, and this novel had probably the most intricate plot of all the books I read in 2007.   The demon-angel-vampire-human world that Meljean created leads seamlessly to a captivating and detailed story arc.  The deeply developed characters and unexpected plot twists keeps you in suspense--and then desperate for more--until the very last page.  Lilith is an extraordinary, unforgettable character, and Hugh is the epitome of a hero.  

3. Demon Moon by Meljean Brook.
Again, Meljean has an incredible talent for world building and character development. Colin and Savitri--Demon Moon's hero and heroine-- are incredibly unique characters.  The obstacles they face on their own and together, in conjunction with a riveting story arc and unimaginable plot twists, delivers an unforgettable love story.  Once again,  I was in heart wrenching suspense until the very last page.   

4. Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost.
Another series romance that will have the love story between the hero and heroine an ongoing tale throughout the series.    I loved the interaction between the hero and heroine.  Some moments were witty, some passionate, some tender, and there was always some adventure to be had.  Such a fanastic read and I'm already counting down the days to the sequel, One Foot in the Grave coming out in April 2008.

5. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.
Edward. Bella. Jacob.   These three are my brand of heroine!  This is the series that brought me into the world of paranormal romance, so it will always have a special place on my shelves and in my heart. 

Also recommend Twilight (2005) and New Moon (2006). 
6. Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole.
Unique characters, unusual circumstances, fantastic dialogue, and irresistible attraction give this novel a spot on my list for 2007.  I love this series!  The myriad of secondary characters is awesome, and I hope  Kresley Cole writes a story for all of them! :)  

Also recommend Hunger Like No Other (2006) and No Rest for the Wicked (2006).

7. Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian.
Midnight Awakening is Lara's third book in her Midnight Breed Series and is the story of Tegan and Elise.  Tegan has been my favorite Breed Warrior since the inception of this series with Kiss of Midnight and my expectations of his character and his story were more than met.   The emotional and sexual tension between Tegan and Elise was beautifully articulated and made for a great romance read. 

Also highly recommend Kiss of Midnight (2007) and Kiss of Crimson (2007).

8. Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh.  
Nalini is yet another author with amazing world building talents! The Psy-Changeling world is sometimes a bit frightening and at other times extremely comforting.  The world is made up of some extremely diverse beings, yet Nalini seamlessly breaks down barriers and brings together the most unlikely combinations of characters with the power of love.  There's no going wrong with a sentiment like that!  

Don't miss Slave to Sensation (2006) and Visions of Heat (2007) as well! 

9. Driven by Eve Kenin
A futuristic, post-apocalyptic love story.  It's unique premise and setting, this novel was a pleasantly fun and satisfying romance.   It is a great start to a potentially great series!  

10. Witch Fire by Anya Bast
Ellora's Cave author goes mainstream with this paranormal romance, and it's an ideal blend of steamy sex, romance, and adventure. Very sexy book... I loved it.

And because I just couldn't stop at 10 .... 

11. Taken by the Night by Kathryn Smith
I love Kathryn Smith's Brotherhood of the Blood Series--a terrific mix of historical and paranormal romance, and Taken by the Night is book 3 in this great series. Another book with a unique setting (19th century brothel); add in an unusual murder mystery, a complicated, strong willed heroine and a sexy vampire hero, and it makes my top list! :)

12. Lover Unbound by JR Ward.
I know there is much controversy regarding the final outcome of this romance novel.  While I cannot ignore the fact that the the focus in this fantastic world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood has shifted,  I also can't forget that I was completely and utterly engrossed in this edgy and sexy book from the moment I read the first page until... well... the end, so it earns a place on my list. Every scene with Z was amazing in this book, and I  absolutely love watching his character continue to develop throughout the series.  Phury was also in top form throughout the book, as was the new trioka of JM, Blay and Qhuinn (although I am finding the side story of "JM is Darius" to be a bit drawn out by now).   I think I could have absolutely LOVED Lover Unbound if the last 20 pages or so were written just a bit differently.  It's just that I can't overlook the sinking feeling that started with regard to the plot around p. 484 or so and remained with me right through the end, even after I finished the last words on p. 502.   I know everything in the BDB world happens for a reason, that there are no coincidences, but the ending of this book left this BDB addict disappointed.  Needless to say, I am still really looking forward to future books in this series, starting with Phury's book, Lover Enshrined due out on June 3, 2008, and, of course, Rehvenge's book due out in hardcover in 2009! 

13. Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas. 
The only contemporary I read in 2007, and I admit I only picked it up because Lisa was on a book tour for Sugar Daddy, and was doing a signing in my local Barnes and Noble.  Needless to say, I'm so glad I flipped the bucks for this book (hardcover--yikes!)! It was a wonderfully rich and emotional coming of age kind of romance. I'm sooo looking forward to the sequel, The Blue Eyed Devil in 2008. Read this short excerpt on Lisa's site. O.M.G. great scene... you should check it out even if you don't intend on reading the book. Seriously.

Obviously, I'm such a sucker for series based on a brotherhood of good guy vampires! .... sucker... vampire... LOL But it's true! 

So? What do you think of my list?   Be honest!  *cough*samantha*cough*dee*cough*! ;)


  1. Ugh...I really wish I had read the C. L. Wilson books. I am going to get them soon!

    I was tossed about which Eve Silver/Kenin book to chose...but Dark Prince won! I think she will always have a book on my top yearly list! I'm reading His Dark Kiss of hers now and she is just great!

    You have a great list! We do have some in common and some same authors, too!

  2. You have a great list! Alot of them I read too. Right now I'm reading Halfway to the Grave... I'm soo loving this book. :)

  3. 1-5 is exactly like mine!! *big hugs*
    The awesomeness of Cl Wilson, Meljean Brook and Stephenie Meyer and of course Jeanienne Frost made my 2007 reading fun.
    I wish I could enjoy Laura Adrian. She is such a copy cate of Ward IMO.
    But great list- Woot!

  4. Aaahhhh Christine my fellow book addict.;) Pish Posh on the *cough* *cough*!

    C.L. Wilson is in my TBR pile so is Meljean Brooks and Eve Kenin. I know shame, shame on me but there is only so many books to read on a weekly basis....lol

    Half way to the Grave is also on my list of faves. Riding the Storm by the Author duo Sydney Croft. Ooooh the pressure... Tanners Scheme Lora Leigh (this installation in the Breed series is by far the best yet) I am hearing good buzz about Dawn's Awakening coming out Feb =) Nalini Singhs Caressed by Ice rocked my boat. Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister another fave but Drake the Dragon is very hooot! A Roarke(In Death Series, JD Robb) in Dragon form!
    I wish I could list LU and LR as faves but alas I can not and you know the many reasons which I will not go into and bore your other friends....heh heh heh

    I think Lara Adrian's series was a lot like the BDB but with the release of MA she has switched gears in a Underworld sorta way. I am the odd man out on this latest installment (I didn't like it..lol) but I did like the fact that she moved the series away from JR Wards. I didn't think once that Tegan was Zsadist. I was however extremely peeved that Marek was killed!
    I think 2007 for me, was spent reading backlist books to a series. Kresley Cole comes to mind, Suzanne Brockmann (who has a HUGE backlist) and so I am playing catch up with the 2007 releases. My TBR pile is probably over a 100 books.
    I will probably be doing the same catch up game because I just added some new Author reads to my list...ha ha ha I know I need rehab. TBB pile will consist of Eileen Wilks, Shannon McKenna, Lauren Dane and a few Jaci Burton which by the way...is also on my fave list with Demon Island and Hunting the Demon. IMO great reads!
    Oh man I am going on forever here! I am sure I will think of another 10 books to add to my fave list...I am just sorry that some of my fave Authors didn't make the list this year.

  5. Hey Christine! I only read JRW and LA's paranormals-no one elses so I can't comment on your list, but you know how I feel about LU-so much potential that just seemed lost in that book. I don't know if you ever saw it, but shiloh walker, one of JR's friends in RL, after LU was posted, hinted that there is a reason for the ending. I'm with you in that it still doesn't fix the fundamental problems I had with the book, but hopefully it will come in handy in the future.

    And loved, loved, loved Midnight Awakening! LA's best in the series IMO.

  6. I love your list! I have the C.L Wilson books but they are in my TBR pile. I will def. get to them soon! LOVE Meljean Brook! Her books just rock and I'm so glad you told me about them. And Singh, and Cole! After taking such a long break from reading I love getting the suggestions from my friends. I'd have been lost without you, Amy and Kat! :)

  7. amy > Based on our previous conversations on fantasy books you used to read, I think you'll really like C.L. Wilson's books. I actually have Dark Prince in my TBR pile. I won it on the RT forum when Eve was guest author there. I'll move it up in the queue per your recommendation!

    anna > Don't you just loooove Bones??

    katie > You have great taste, what can I say? ;)

    samantha > Pish posh my ass! You know you want to beat me over the head with your copy of LU for putting in my Top 10! Admit it! lol

    I really want to read some of the books on your list... definitely Riding the Storm! I don't know why I never picked that one up. I'll eventually get to Lora Leigh's Breeds, of which I own several already. OOoooo and JD Robb's In Death series is a must! I'm really liking the direction Lara's series is going, too. I didn't think Tegan was Zsadist once either, and I totally thought of you when Marek got smoked! I think I could hear you scream NOOOOO! all the way from here! ;)

    I spent a lot of read time doing the backlist thing, too. Including Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, and Kathryn Smith.

    This year, I want to do the backlist thing for Patricia Briggs, Lynn Viehl, Colleen Gleason, Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, Deidre Knight, Kinley MacGregor, Suzanne Brockman, JD Robb... lol do I go on?

  8. courtney > JRW is both very clever and talented, so I know she did what she had to with LU for her overall story arc for the series. I just wish I wasn't so disappointed with the ending of LU. I hope that JRW continues to develop Vishous' and Jane's characters in future books the way she does with Zsadist. That would definitely make me feel better. :)

    tracy > I rely on kat's book recommendations, too! And her series' lists are great, too! She started to post lists on her blog.... Wit and Sin

  9. Okay fine..... *grabs copy of Lover Unbound and wings it at Christine's head* aaaaahhhhh I feel so much better now heh heh heh....

    So I was thinking I would add Shayla Black to my faves in 2007 Wicked Ties and Decadent... I am looking forward to her new paranormal series coming out =)

  10. *happy dance*

    These are amazing books -- I'm completely blown away to be included here.

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Christine! :-D

  11. But Christine, without you telling my about Jeanienne Frost, I would still be in the dark about her wonderful book.
    I totally forgot about Eve Kenin! Driven was really good also and I love her books under her other name, Eve Silver. I hope she writes a sequel to Driven.
    Even thought I am waiting for Lover Enshrined, my ultimate Ward book will come in 2009 for Rehv. I lurvvvveee Rehv and all his impotent sexiness!

  12. Yes, yes, there will be a second book after Driven! It comes out sometime after spring maybe in the summer? I can't remember. That was a great book!

  13. Speaking of some buzz, I have been reading around romance town that Meljean Brooks new book Demon Night that comes out Feb 5th is vera good! There is a method to my madness I have 3 books to read now back to back with no waiting =) that and she came in when I was on my worst behavior throwing a book at Christine's head...heh heh heh She caught me at my finest!

  14. Look at you, you Blog Queen, you!!! Unfortunately, I've only read the Stephenie Meyers series (based on me seein it on your MySpace :>)and LOVED all of them!! And of course the BDB series by J.R. Ward..which, I know the last one was a bit disappointing, but I still think she is a Goddess of writing!!! I know I will always read that series mainly just because I HAVE to know what happens to each and every one of them!! Plus, I think it's so amazing that she has basically had the stories for every one of them in her head for years!!
    I will definitely look into the Meljean Brook books and the Jeanine Frost ones...but it's like you said, my TBR pile is soooo big right now! I have found it very hard to find the time to enjoy my IBL as much as I'd like! I hate it when i have to just "quickly" run thru a few pages cuz i have soo many other things on my plate!!! I want to totally immerse myself in my IBL if at all possible!!!
    Now, to add to your list...I think I told you about this already, but it's worth re-iterating! LAUREL K. HAMILTON!!! Both the Anita Blake series and the Merry Gentry series!! Talk about your complex human/vampire/fairie/shapeshifter relationships!!! AMAZING!!! I started with the Anita Blake ones and absolutely obsessed over them! I didn't start at the beginning of the series tho, and actually didn't really feel the need to. I started the Anita Blake ones w/Cerrulean Sins...which i think was about, i wanna say, 4 books in?
    And started the Merry Gentry series (which became my favorites!) w/the 2nd book of the series. (There are less of the Merry ones)... LKH's writing style is so different and very engaging! Talk about erotica!!! Vera Hot and steamy!!! She was my all time fave until i started J.R.'s books..but she's probably tying her right now!! LOL!
    Please let me know if you try her out and I'll do the same if I try out any of the ones you've suggested!!!
    Sorry to go on and on! This is a wonderful Blogspace, btw!!!
    Loves ya tons!

  15. Thanks for having me on your list! I'm flattered by the company I'm in :)

  16. Okay, that's it. I agree with so many of your picks that I definitely have to put CL Wilson on my To buy list. I think I read some lame review of it somewhere that turned me off, but since then, I've heard great things.

  17. You guys have given me so many suggestions of authors I have missed out on in 2007! I have some exploring to do!

    ... and I CAN'T WAIT for Meljean, Jeaniene, and Cheryl's (C.L. Wilson) 2008 releases! If you guys haven't read them yet, you should!!!

  18. okay...was just checkin up on the blog...and just saw your authors that are in your TBR pile...Lynn Viehl is A-MAZING!!!! I've read all her Darkyn series and LOVE them!!!
    Eloisa James is another great author..haven't read her for a lil while but..then again, haven't read really anyone for awhile!!! Damn "Real life"!!! grrrr....
    I have GOT to get movin on my TBR pile cuz i need to keep up with you and Sam!!! LOL
    I feel like such a bad bookie!!! I'll get movin..I PROMISE!!! May have to get the Meljean books sooner more than later from all the good chatter I've been hearin from everyone!
    Well, that's it! Just wanted to tell ya that I KNOOOOW you'll like Lynn Viehl!
    Love ya!

  19. *Gibbs slaps sam*

    MAREK! *tears up, lip quivers*

    Oh jeez...please tell me there's some hawt sex in the damn book...'cause I'm so spoilered out now!

    MAREK DEAD! *facepalm*

  20. Hi Christine, It's Lindsey again. Had to comment on this thread.....Like you, I read plenty of books in 2007 that came out earlier, but I only got to them this year AND I re-read old favorites, so I'll try to limit my list to 2007 ones. If I slip, whoops, sorry!

    1. and 2. Have to give those top to spots to "Lover Revealed and Lover Unbound". Pretty much anything by JR Ward would get my top votes, as she is currently my favorite author!

    3. Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan.
    Yes, I do love her Dark Series, (Dark Prince was the first paranormal romance that I ever read), but I adore the Drakes! Add to it that it was Jonas' and Hannah's story finally and it sealed the deal!

    4. Tanner's Scheme by Lora Leigh.
    As previously stated, the Breeds are one of my favorite series', so if a Breed book came out in 2007, assume it's ranked right along with #4! Some don't like the erotic sex in them, but when it's combined with an amazing story concept, it just works!

    5. Master of Dragons, by Angela Knight.
    Love this series of the Magnaverse and the crossover with Authur and the Knighs of the Roundtable. Kell's story wasn't the best, (compared to say, Master of the Sword), but her writing a not so awesome book is still better than tons of others writing their best!

    6. FORGOT THE TITLE, (the one you liked by Naili 'whats her name'). I am getting into the Phy-Changlings too. But it's a new series for me, so I'm not as firmiliar with it.

    7. Deadly Game by Christine Feehan.
    I'll finish off with this one.....This series is so different from the Dark series, but after only reading ONE book, I fell hard for the Ghostwalkers! Anyone who hasn't gotten into this series is really missing out!! I'm counting the days till' the 26th and reading Jesse's story!


    Right up there with JR Ward has got to be Lara Adrian and the THREE books we got from her in one year! Personally, my favorite was Teagan's, but I'm just partial to him. :) I loved all of them and am a huge fan! Also, have been lucky enough to develop a sort of 'online' friendship w/ her and she (this just goes to show what a great person she is as well), has sent me the ARC's of both Dante's (#2) and Tegan's (#3) books! I'm waiting now for the ARC of Rio's. When I get it, I'll be glad to email you a review and see if you like it.

    Okay, thanks for letting me spout my opinions here. Reading lists from everyone else has given me ideas for what I'll be searching for at Borders!


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