Monday, December 31, 2007

How I became a Romance Addict . . .

I was an avid reader of fiction in junior high and high school... reading books of my own choice simultaneously with the required reads of English class.  However, when I went to college, then grad school, and shortly after that became a busy mom chasing after young children, I wouldn't be able to stay awake long enough after my perpetual night owl children fell asleep to do any reading other than magazines!  Then one day, after having watched the first two Harry Potter films on the big screen,  my then eight year old daughter became interested in reading J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels, and I began to read the series out loud to her, and finally rediscovered the joy of reading fiction!  

I stuck with the young adult genre (mostly fantasy) for quite some time, as I was rewarded by being able to find the time to finish a book in a week, and it enabled me to engage my preteen daughter in some meaningful book discussions and foster a love of reading with her.  I was in the bookstore one night browsing for some new reads and was drawn to the compelling cover of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.  I read the blurb on the back cover, opened the book to a random page and started reading.  I ended up standing there reading five or so pages and was instantly drawn into the world of the unassuming girl being drawn to and enchanted by a near perfect guy,  who just happens to be a vampire.  Of course, I bought Twilight and devoured it.  Several times.  If any of you have read read Twilight, you know how captivating the story is.  Meyer has an amazing story voice, as she weaves a magical love story filled with suspense and beautiful sexual tension, out of an otherwise commonplace coming of age story.   I promptly bought the sequel, New Moon  that had just been recently released and devoured it with the same fervor. Agonizing over the fact that I had a whole year to wait for Eclipse, Meyer's third installment in the Twilight series,  I knew I needed another vampire love story fix.  Perhaps one that was more adult.

So I poked around online, and to my pleasant surprise, discovered an entire genre filled with vampire love stories!!  I went to my local Barnes & Noble and started my foray into paranormal romance by picking up Dark Lover, the first book in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, a.k.a. the BDB.  At that time, Lover Eternal and newly released Lover Awakened were also available, but I decided to just get the first book in case I didn't like it.   Pfffft!  Needless to say, I was back in the bookstore twenty four hours later snatching up the next two books, doing the absolute minimum to take care of my family, and immersing myself into J.R. Ward's amazing world of the BDB.  

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The rest, as they say, is history.  I've spent the last fifteen months reading probably well over a hundred romance novels.   Nearly all of them have been from the paranormal genre, with one or two historical and one contemporary romance thrown in there. Now I'm a romance addict, and if you're like me. . . you know there's no turning back!  

So when did you start reading romance?   What book turned you to a romance addict? 


  1. I was the tender age of 13 and after reading Nancy Drew I moved on to the wonders of Beatrice Small,Harlequin and Loveswept books. I still have my two original Harlequins in my parents' basement.
    Oh yes, Stephenie Meyer and JR Ward are like the crack of the books world. I can't wait for my next fix!

  2. Hi Christine. Happy New Year! Best wishes on your blog *MUAH*

    My very first romance novel was probably when I was around 15. I saw a book cover on my Mothers book shelf and I hid and read it under the covers with a flashlight. Low and behold it was a Johanna Lindsey book Silver Angel.... hence years later I confessed that I read it. That was my first taste of the HEA.

    I read historicals for years after. Then I moved on to Contemps until one day my very good friend Dee said "here read this" and it was a Susan Sizemore Vampire series and the rest is history. I have been addicted to paranormal ever since and thats been about 2 years.

    I have expanded my reading to include Erotica and I really love the non- NY published authors. Needless to say my TBR pile is over taking my house and my sanity =)

  3. Hey Christine! Happy, Happy New Year! I love your blog!

    I started reading romance when I was 13 (I think). I was bored one summer and my mother told me to go read one of the Harlequins that she had lined up on her headboard. She was in the HR book club or something so got 6 in the mail every month. Needless to say I mowed through them that summer and have been addicted to reading ever since. I did take a long break from reading in general (about 9 years) after my kids were born but now I can't seem to get enough of it! Now I read everything; historicals, contemporary's and parnaormals.
    I really need to read Meyer's books! :)

  4. I've been a book reader most of my reading life! I loved my local and school libraries.

    I found my love of campfire ghost stories translated to books and movies. They made up a great deal of my reading even into high school.

    Romance novels became big for me after high school when I started working in a nursing home at age 18. They had this library of donated books...filled with what I suppose are Regency/Historical romances (I think that's what they're Y'know the ones...London, Bath...England setting...where the young, unconnected girl somehow gets transplanted into the ton, falls in love, etc...and usually marries the rich guy.

    Anyway, I devoured those that summer. I went off to college not long after that, and just didn't have time for too much fiction. I left school and ended up at the same nursing home, and found how much I really did miss those books, and I began to read a little more romance novels.

    About 2 years ago, I found Dark Prince by Christine Feehan at Target....there's been no going back! It was those books that made me concentrate on romance novels because they meshed my love of the paranormal (especially vampires)and romance together so well!

    I found Dark Lover the summer before Lover Awakened came out. It's really J.R. Wards books that made look online for info and discovered boards...I've been a cellie ever since!

  5. I love these stories!!

    You guys are making me feel like a virgin! Well... a virgin romance reader, anyway! lol

  6. I have always read, in fact my mother said as soon as i could sit i would be found with a book in my hands and if she gave it to me upside down i knew instantly. I was ab le to read Enid Blyton by the time i was four and Dickens at eight an i have probably read every genre that exists. I became fascinated with paranormal, when i first read 'The highlander' books by Karen Marie Moning, i think it was also at this time i became addicted to killa abs- then i found the warden on amazon and i was totally hooked, i have become a total book whore, i already had an extensive library but it has since become a take over bid! Which isnt easy since GB bookstores do not stock paranormal romance books, its a case of Amazon or the states! Good job im an information junkie too the web is my God, i doubt as i would have such a large collection had i not been able to surf as i do!! The books have also made huge changes in my life, they not only introduced me to new worlds, but created a whole network of fantastic freinds, who i couldnt bear to be without!! All of us are united in our addiction.

  7. I was 12 when I read my first novel (family didn't read fiction). I read the Silver Brumby about a pack of wild horses in outback Australia and yes, it did have a romance. Just a horse one!


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